Considering returning your instrument?

Benefits to hanging on to your instrument over the summer:

- Keep your current rental rate. You may continue to rent at your existing monthly rate.

- Cure summer boredom with instrument practice! Your child will have the opportunity to practice the skills they learned in school. Like any other skill and art form, progress is made through practice and repetition.

- Your child will have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the many wonderful local instrument camps.

- Take private lessons. Day Violins offers private lessons over the Summer to supplement what they have learned in school and help refine individual technique.

- Keep accrued rental credits. A portion of your monthly rental payments can be used as credit towards the purchase of an instrument. Keeping the instrument over the summer allows you to retain and continue to accrue purchase credit. All your credit expires 30 days after returning your instrument.

If you no longer need your instrument, you can return it one of two ways:

1. In-store return (all instruments): Bring the instrument (with the case and bow) directly to Day Violins during business hours. At the shop you will fill out a return form. Once the return has been received, your contract and future recurring payments will be cancelled.

2. Ship the instrument (violins and violas only). If you are unable to return your rented violin or viola in person, you can ship it to us. We recommend shipping via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. The instrument and bow must be shipped securely in its case inside of a shipping box that can accommodate at least three (3) inches of packing materials on all sides of the case. Place a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email address inside of the case so that we can match the instrument to your contract. Instruments are not considered to be returned until it is received by Day Violins. Do not ship cellos or basses.

Return FAQ’s

Q: Do I need to give advance notice to return my rented instrument?
A: No. After the initial two month minimum rental period, you may return the instrument at any time.

Q: When does my contract get cancelled?
A: Once the return is received (either in person or delivery by a shipping carrier), we will cancel the

Q: When will my rental payments stop?
A: Payments will stop on the day the return is received. Please ensure that you return your instrument
prior to your regularly scheduled payment date to avoid charges.